Sunday, July 14, 2013


If you've been following my blog recently you might have read my post on Otter Pops.  If you haven't read it, click here.  After I wrote that article, my wife found a product on Pinterest called Zipzicles. Basically they are slender, reusable BPA-free zip top plastic bags so you can make your own homemade Otter Pops.  You can imagine how happy I was that my wife found these products.  God bless the internet, right?  This weekend, the stars aligned: it was 90+ degrees, we had no plans all day, we had the right ingredients in the house so it seemed like a perfect day to give the Zipzicles a test run.

Our ingredients
The company provides you with a couple of sample recipes on the back of the package so we tried one of their suggestions: strawberries and lemonade.  The recipe provided was as follows:
1 cup strawberries
3  + 1/2 cups lemonade
Puree 1 cup strawberries and 1/2 cup lemonade in a blender.  Once mixed, add 3 cups lemonade and pour into Zipzicle.
Pouring the mixture in the bags
Simple enough to do, right!  Once our mixture was ready we broke out a little funnel and filled the bags one at a time.  The recipe is supposed to make enough to fill all 12 bags that come in the package but we only had enough to fill 9.  After filling the bags, we put them in the freezer and 6 hours later they were ready to enjoy.

Once we were ready to try our finished product, I was anxious to see what my kids thought.  They were very excited to try them and they loved the flavor we made.  While we sat there and enjoyed our Zipzicles in the afternoon shade, we thought of new flavors to try so it looks like we'll be doing this again which is great!

What color is my tongue?
When we were all done with our Zipzicles, Reuben asked "What color is my tongue?"  Of course since there was no food dye in our treat, his tongue did not change color. He was a little sad about this, but mommy and daddy were quite happy!  We explained to him why his tongue had not changed color and he seemed to understand but still wasn't quite happy since he really likes that effect!  That's ok.  He'll survive.

Overall, I would say our Zipzicle experiment was quite successful.  We'd definitely make them again when the opportunity presents itself.  We might even try some "adult" variations with tequila for some dinner parties.  What recipe ideas do you have?  Let me know and maybe we'll give them a shot.

Disclaimer -- I did not receive any compensation from Zipzicles to write this post.  It is not an advertisement in any way and my opinions/thoughts/comments are my own.
Shira's Zipzicle
Reuben's  Zipzicle


  1. Way to get your kids involved in the kitchen!

  2. You could use grape juice or blueberries or a little bit of beet juice to add a "tongue-staining" color.